Fitzdares Sportsbook

Set a loss limit here by defining the maximum amount you could lose when playing any of our casino games and then define the time period this applies to e.g. 24 hours, 1 week or 1 month.

Please note the following:

  • Loss limits take effect immediately once set for the first time - they run from the date and time chosen by you and are then automatically reset and begin again.
  • If you choose to decrease an existing limit you have set, the change will take effect immediately.
  • If you wish to increase an existing limit you have set, you will need to return to this page after a minimum of 24 hours and take positive action to reconfirm you wish this change to take effect.
  • Any change in limit you request will act as a 'reset' of any previous limit set. The new limit will not take into account any winnings or losses made prior to you confirming this.

For full details, see our Responsible Gambling page.